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Our Mission

Namaste to all desi teens out there! Here at dealing with desi depression, we aim to raise awareness about the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on mental health amongst Indian teenagers. This pandemic has completely changed our lives and all we want to do is return to the way things were before. But since that’s not an option, let’s try to make the most of the situation. Join our community and together, let’s promote positivity! Let’s not only talk about the impact of this pandemic on our mental well-being, but also how Indian stereotypes in our society make it difficult to address the issue of mental health


We are a community focusing mainly on mental health issues faced by Indian teens. The topic of mental health is often not given enough importance in the stereotypical Indian household and is neglected. We hope to change that with our initiative. What makes us unique is that we, the founders, are follow depressed desi teens who can not only relate, but are also eager to do something in order to address this issue 


Namaste to all desi teens out there! With the covid-19 pandemic ruining our mental peace, we've decided to take this initiative in order to promote a positive mindset. After all, desi problems require desi solutions. Join us and together, let's raise awareness on the impact that not only the pandemic has had on desi teenagers, but also the various Indian stereotypes that make it difficult to address the issue properly

Facts & Figures

In Numbers


of India’s young people aged 15-24 years reported feeling depressed and uninterested, against an international median of 19 per cent, according to UNICEF’s new ‘State of the World’s Children (SOWC)’ report


​There are a few studies which have measured mental health literacy in the Indian context. One study found mental health literacy among adolescents to be very low, i.e. depression was identified by 29.04% and schizophrenia/psychosis was recognized only by 1.31%. Stigma was noted to be present in help-seeking.


India is responsible for 36.6% of the global suicides. This has crossed maternal mortality which was previously the leading cause of death among women and teenage girls aged 15-17 years.

"What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation."



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